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Luminor Bank AS is a bank headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, with branches in Latvia and Lithuania. It is the third largest bank in the Baltics and in Estonia. Luminor has a deposit market share of 16% and lending market share of 22%.

This review was wrote By Ruta Bosiene about the luminor bank app for cellphones at appgroves the 27 of Dec 2018: Impossible to log in. No proper help or explanation. Very disappointing!


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Former Contractor - Manager says

"all members of staff are overloaded with unrealistic deadlines new bank with a very immature structure very large turn over of staff"

Current Employee - QA Engineer says

"- Upper management is out of touch with reality. They let their own people, who have inside trade skills, company know-hows to hire consultants for 3-4 times the pay, who don't have the field expertise, don't have accesses, connections, therefore slowing down project progression, require constant hand-holding and so forth. Nor refuse to work with their now made redundant experts in the future, even tho the projects need still experts. How does that make sense? - Working here you feel as if logic was thrown out the window and as a worker your value is minimal. - Salary is below average industry level and the increase in salary is just to cover inflation (if even that). - Almost no team events nor company events. If you are looking for more an active company where there are events constantly, Luminor is not the place. All in all at its current state, I would not recommend Luminor as a career building place, due to all uncertainties in the company."

Former Employee - Youngest Financial Adviser says

"Due lots of changes after merging many workers felt unsave and left the company"

Current Employee - Corporate Account Manager says

"Internal comunication, no variable remunation"

Shipper/Receiver (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work starts with everyone bumbling about looking for something to do. Management are very disorganized, uncommunicative and stand offish at their best moments. Every one working there thinks they are a boss, which leads to untold amounts of frustration and drama. No one is willing to train any new hires for fear of their own job security. Backstabbing, sabotage, lying, and rumour spreading are the name of the game here. No health and safety department/officer= unsafe work practices across the board. Steer clear of this employer if you value your safety and sanity."

inside sales consultant (Former Employee) says

"start up company not very organized. Did not have much help or support from the coworkers and management."

Electronics Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Luminor is a decent place to work, but management needs to fix the way they do things. Their rate of pay is above average. Their benefits are awesome. They let employees take time off and offer overtime. Management however needs to wake up."Thank you for expressing your concerns. We seriously endeavour to continuously improve as an organization as we move forward and grow.”LUMINOR Management Team"

Sean says

"I bought a “brand new” speedmaster from them, it’s running 1mins quick per day, after I sent it to omega they told me this watch needs to do water resistance service for 8 weeks! This is ridiculous"

muhidul chowdhury says

"Horrible experience. Before purchasing a watch I asked them if the watch came brand new with everything they reassured me it did. Once I placed an order and they took my money they sent me a message saying the watch doesn’t have any of the accessories. Waste of time and now I have no watch to wear for my special occasion next week. Smh never again"

Andrea Mugnier says

"BUYER BEWARE!!!! The watch I purchased has proven to be a complete waste of money- $439.00 to be exact. I've had it a little over 6 months and have had nothing but problems, so I can only surmise that it's either a lemon or it's a fake. To have it repaired it will need to be shipped to the UK (at my expense). I've posted two previous negative reviews but Watchshopper has never contacted me so I don't have anything positive to say about their customer service. If I could give it zero stars I would. Next time I'll spend more at a local brick and mortar jeweler. You get what you pay for, and I was a sucker."

Joseph Weiland says

"Really does not even deserve one star. Watchshopping. com is a BAIT and Switch company with no regards for good, much less GREAT business practices. I bought a ROLEX yesterday, and received several messages confirming. Then they tell me it is no longer available. Granted this was less than 12 hours ago. How can a company have such poor business relations?" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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